Tick and Mosquito Annihilators

Commercial Certification # 14253

Tick and Mosquito Control

100% All-Natural Solutions


The solution we use offers quick control with residual protection with a non-intrusive botanical fragrance. Safe and effective as it is FIFRA 25(b) exempt. Because of the minimal risk impact, it doesn't require a re-entry period,however we suggest waiting to re-enter sprayed areas once it is dry.

Other "natural" solutions exist, but tend to use a form of Pyrethrin (Pyrethroids), which is derived from the chrysanthemum. It is natural, meaning it has low toxicity effects on humans, but it is HIGHLY  toxic to fish and aquatic life and usually requires a 30 minute re-entry period after application.

So for us, the only clear, safe solution is

Tick and Mosquito Annihilators!

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