In 2012, while working in the lawn care and landscaping business, I contracted erlichiosis from a tick bite. Thankfully, we caught it fairly early and treated it successfully with antibiotics. However, subsequent bites tend to "activate" my symptoms, so I keep antibiotics on hand for these instances. 


   Because of this, and several friends and family members, as well as a couple of our dogs, contracting Lyme disease or erlichiosis, I started searching for a business that provides a service of keeping these and other disease carrying pests away from our families, kids and pets.

   I researched several companies and while they all seemed to be fine companies to start a business with, something kept holding me back. Two issues stood out for me.

   First, all of the companies highlight they do mosquito control, and they may provide tick control services as well. While mosquitoes are certainly a nuisance and could possibly spread diseases in our area, it is the ticks that are of great concern for spreading dangerous, and often debilitating diseases.

   Second, everyone uses chemicals to control these pests. Even those that use a "natural" solution for pest control, that solution can be highly toxic to fish and aquatic life. This just didn't sit well with me.  As a result, I made the decision that we would establish our own company. The result we feel is a win-win. It allows the safe eradication of ticks and mosquitoes and being 100%, people, pet and environmentally friendly.