Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does your spray solution kill all the ticks and mosquitoes?

A. No service can offer 100% protection from every tick, mosquito and biting insect. Mosquitoes from a neighboring property could fly into your yard and bite you before they feed on the treated foliage. However, you'll find the presence of pests drastically reduced.

Q. Does anyone need to be home at the time of treatment?

      How will I know if a treatment was done?

A. No one needs to be home at time of treatment. We will notify you, most likely via email the day before treating yard and a subsequent email notification after our service is completed.

Q. What time of year are ticks and mosquitoes present?

A. Ticks can be active year round if temperatures are warm enough. Mosquitoes hatch and begin to be present when temperatures are consistently 50 degrees and warmer.

Q. Does rain/irrigation/lawn watering impact the effectiveness of our treatment?

A. Once dry, rain or watering shouldn't impact the effectiveness of the solution. Because weather changes quickly here, making the decision to treat a property on a cloudy day is typically a minute to minute decision, so we monitor weather conditions closely.

Q. How long after an application do we have to wait to allow kids and pets to re-enter the yard?

A. Because our solution is a 100% all-natural solution with no aquatic setback and FIFRA 25(b) exempt, there is no required re-entry time period.

Q. Do you have to be licensed and insured to apply your solution?

A. Yes, we have to be commercially licensed in the particular pest area(s) we are controlling as well be properly insured.

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